How to Change Electric Insulator

2012-03-02 14:41:01
If you are having trouble with your electric fence, perhaps it's not working in certain sections or it's very weak, then one of the first things to check is whether the electric fence insulator on each post is intact. The insulator keeps the material whether that is rope, wire or tape connected to the fence post and prevents the current from becoming grounded; they usually jut out from each and every fence post. If one of your insulators has been broken, or is faulty in any way then the electric current could be choked at this point compromising the integrity of your fence.
Step 1: Check the perimeter

Your first action should be to walk the line of your fence to investigate where the possible break is located. You should be checking for any broken, chipped or fractured insulators. Breakages are common due the intense environment in which most fences are erected whether you use porcelain, plastic or ceramic insulators. You can also use an electric fence tester kit to identify weaker or broken sections.
Step 2: Disconnect power

Once you have identified the broken links, make sure to mark them (especially on larger fences) and then return to your power source and ensure it is completely disconnected. Double check that every power source has been turned off before returning to the broken insulators or your will risk being electrocuted by the fence, it sounds obvious but happens all the time.
Step 3: Remove broken insulators

Now how the energy is no lengthier passing through your fence you can safely start removing people broken insulators. the instant eliminated inspect the wiring in add-on to the insulator cover, once the wiring remains to be broken then this could also need repairing or replacing as could the article itself.
Step 4: Replace Insulator

Now you can replace the broken insulators. When replacing them it is advisable to include extra coils to ensure a protected fit.
Maintaining an electrical fence is uncomplicated in circumstance you possess a plan for reading and repairing any broken back links periodically. altering factors within of the fence which consist of insulators is a thing you can perform your do it yourself and after you have finished one or two you will locate it a fast and painless task.


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